Virtual Office Address

Would you like to separate work from your personal life? We have the sollution! Virtual Office Address offers a reliable postal address, so your business mail won’t arrive at your home address. This way you can concentrate on your business and keep your home address private.

For whom?
There can be many reasons to rent a virtual office address. We help, among others:

  • People with their business at home who don’t want to receive their business mail at home.
  • People with a company abroad, who want to have an establishment in the Netherlands.
  • People with a company in the Netherlands, who want to have a virtual branch.

Any company can apply for a virtual office address. For this we need a recent Chamber of Commerce extract and a copy your ID.

You can use the virtual address as a business address for the Chamber of Commerce.

How does it work?
You can rent a virtual office address for € 107,95 a month (including VAT) at the Ypelobrink  in Enschede. All mail received here will be sorted and archived daily. Once a week, we scan your mail and sent it to your e-mail address.

Packages are accepted by us and forwarded. The forwarding fees are charged separately.